Shooting Information

✪ Fashion and beauty photography

✪ Model portfolio shootings (test shoots)

✪ Creative portraits (glamour portraits)

✪ Baby, kids, and family photography

✪ Pet photography

If you are interested in a photo session please contact me via the contact form.


Editorial collaboration

I am currently looking for other creatives (designers, stylists, models, hair- and makeup artists) for collaborations with the aim to publish photos as editorials/webitorials in fashion magazines.



Where does the shooting take place? Shootings take place in a public place (e.g. in a park or a street) or on the client’s premises. These places provide great backgrounds and give the photos an individual note. You can either suggest a location yourself, or I can provide you with a suggestion. The location should fit to your look and outfit, e.g. a romantic styling looks great in a park whereas a cool fashionable look might photograph better in a modern, urban setting.

What should I wear? This depends on what look you want to achieve in your photos. A classic outfit helps to capture timeless pictures which still look great in several years.  Fashionable outfits can be used in glamour portraits. If several persons (e.g. families) shall be in the photo, it looks best if the outfits are coordinated but not completely matched (e.g. stick to less than 3-4 color tones) or if there is a common element in the clothes of all persons featuring in the picture. Big prints, comics, or scripts as well as sportswear are in general better avoided. Textures like embroidery, knitting, or tulle often look great in photos. If you have a special item or accessory which means a lot to you (e.g. an instrument, a hat from your granny, or a stuffed animal for children), bring it! It gives the photos a personal note. If you book a shooting I will be happy to give some personalized styling advice. I also can provide some props and accessories for themed shootings, e.g. flower headpieces, jewelry, or hats.

What kind of make-up should I use? The make-up depends on the overall styling. For family portraits, a natural-looking make-up is suggested. For glamour or fashion shootings, a more glamorous make-up can be used and a professional make-up is recommended. If you wish, I can provide you with suggestions and quotes for make-up artists (MUA) and arrange for a MUA to accompany us during the shooting.

How much time does it take? This we will agree on an individual basis, but depending on the number of outfits and locations, the shooting can take between 30 minutes and 4 hours.

How do I get my photos? Selected digital low resolution images will be made available via a download link about 1 to 2 weeks after the shooting. From these pictures you can choose the photos you would like to have edited. These images will be provided as high resolution files under the same link about 2 to 3 weeks thereafter. The  images provided are for personal use only and must not be used commercially. Copyright of all images is with the photographer.



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