Pink Ballon Shootings

I got a bunch of pink balloons from a birthday party. Of course, I had to use them for some photoshoots 🙂 Models: Helen Zhuravel and Katrina Grey.


Dark Beauty Shooting

Finally, I can post the pictures from the Dark Beauty shooting with Kaylie and Hanna.


Airplane Graveyard Shooting

Had a shooting with Viktor, a male model from Sweden at the airplane graveyard in Bangkok. After some trouble finding it we finally got there and were able to shoot in several discarded airplanes. It was a great location… just too hot! 🙂


Dark Beauty Shooting

The shooting took place in Germany in freezing winter. It was great working with Kaylie as model and Hanna as hair and makeup artist! One of the photos from this shooting was published by Dark Beauty Magazine and has gained over 3,000 Likes on Instagram already. More photos coming soon 🙂

Dark Beauty Mag



Flower market shooting

TFP shooting with Vivi Candy at the flower market.


My first magazine publication!

Just got a message that the pictures from my recent shooting in Dublin got published by Sheeba Magazine as a Webitorial! It was the first photo set I ever submitted to a fashion magazine, I can’t believe it got published. I’m speechless… Thanks to Irina Cojocaru for a fantastic shooting and to the Sheeba team for choosing my work!

Here is the link:

Webitorial in Sheeba Magazine 9/2016


The Well Dressed Workout

Shooting with sports fashion blogger Morgan from “The well dressed workout” at National Stadium.


Bridge Shooting

Quick session with soccer player Frank.


Shootings for Brazilian online store

During summer, I did several shootings for Calca Thai, an online store in Brazil which sells Thai-style pants. The first collection included five beautiful pants which we wanted to shoot in a natural environment. However, it was very difficult to find a Brazilian-looking model in Germany and to find a shooting date without rain. The first shooting finally happened in June, two more in August – results coming soon!

Editorial for Morrow Magazine

Shooting with Kaylie in Hanau, Germany. Some of the photos have been published in issue 2 of Morrow Magazine.


Shooting with Miss World

In May, I got contacted by a Estefanie, model from NYC who was traveling Asia and wanted to do a shooting in Bangkok. We agreed to do a Thai-style shoot and found a wonderful place in Bangkok. She was great to work with and a great person. Only later I found out that she is Ms. International World 2015/2016 😮


Vintage shooting

This was the third time I was shooting with Mylene! We already did two awesome but a little crazy shootings (candy and geisha theme) together. This time we wanted to have a slightly vintage styling with lace in front of some shabby walls. Although there are many shabby walls in Bangkok it took me some time to find a good location, but finally I found some great spots. It’s always wonderful to shoot with Mylene, there are so many good photos, it’s difficult to select the best ones!


Ari shooting

The second time I shot a male model! Eric comes from the US, is working in China, and was visiting Bangkok.


Riverside shooting

Nicky, a professional model from New York, was visiting Bangkok and asked me to do some street photos of her. Pupe (fashion blogger from Stellar Balcony) organized some beautiful designer clothes for the shooting. We were shooting close to the river and although we were not allowed to shoot in some cool places we got many great photos of Nicky and Pupe. Some were taken with and in a took-tuk and although I didn’t like the idea at first because I thought it might look too touristy, they are now some of my favorite pics!


Hua Hin beach shooting

During Christmas, I had a beach shooting with dancer Maëva in Hua Hin. She brought her belly dance costume and we did some photos with a horse. Doesn’t she look like an oriental princess?


Street shooting with Stellar Balcony

Did a street shooting with fashion blogger Pupe. She brought some amazing outfits and walked effortless through Bangkok on 15 cm heels. Check out her fashion and travel blog at


Retro Diner shooting

Back in Bangkok, Nella and me wanted to do a retro-style diner’s shooting. We found the website of a great looking diner and agreed to meet there. It took us almost 2 hours to find the diner, because it was not at the location described on the website. Thanks to very helpful girls in a coffee shop who called the diner and draw us a map, and a patient taxi driver who drove us 1.5 hours and called the restaurant again twice we finally made it… but it looked different and much smaller than on the website. Maybe it was a totally different place 🙂 And it was still closed! Nevertheless, the owner let us in and allowed us to take pictures. We also had great food and a really good time there and got some very nice photos!


Autumn shootings

We had a beautiful October in Germany. I really wanted to use some of the red and yellow-colored trees as a background and did two great shootings with Misha and Isa…


Gipsy shooting

Found a lot of gipsy-style pieces in my and my sister’s closet. Everything looked beautiful at Jules. While we were shooting a dog was walked by and joined us for a while 🙂


50ies shooting

Have collected some beautiful dresses and accessories over the last weeks for a 50ies-style shooting with Alisa. Our best accessory was a vintage Isabella car 🙂 In the last minute we found talented Janina to do hair and makeup.


Flower shooting

My first shooting in Germany with Lovisa. We had some beautiful flowers and found some great places in the fields nearby…



Will be in Germany during August/September 2015. I’m looking forward to a nice vacation and some awesome shootings 🙂


Pattaya beach shooting

Another shooting with Katya in Pattaya. We only had one hour but I think we made the best out of it 🙂


Geisha shooting

Another shooting with talented Mylene and Janzynn (HMUA) in Bangkok: beautiful geisha!


Shooting in Singapore

Used a weekend trip to Singapore to do two shootings in the Gardens by the Bay. One shooting was about bohemian fashion, the other one was themed “blue”. Thanks to makeup artist Reyna Hearts and the two models, Claudia Conaglen and Agnes Goh!


Candy shooting

Another TFP shooting themed “Candy” with Mylène Bonvoisin (amazing model) and Janzynn May Pactolin (amazing makeup). Yum 🙂


Shooting for Singaporean online fashion store

Last week I shot a collection for the Singaporean online store We shot about 16 outfits with talented model Shi Jia in a hotel and on the street. It was great working with you guys, thanks!


Studio shooting: Grunge, sportswear, and dance

Had my second studio shooting at an indoor golf club. The models were Mariana, who I knew from a prior shooting, Pam, and Luis. Janzynn and Am from IFMA did the makeup, which looked fantastic. We shot three themes and did the styling by ourselves. Here are some results:



Russian model portfolio session

Participated in a session organized by Dennie to provide portfolio photos for several Russian models. The shooting took place in an empty building  and I photographed 8 models over 3 hours. They had lots of talents, not only in posing but also in dance, yoga, and boxing. It was a fun session…


Tango Poster

My photo was used as a poster for a Milonga organized by a dance club in New York! Happy dancing 🙂




Back from Australia! Had a great vacation and did three shootings: at Sydney harbor bridge with Amber, Bondi beach with Janice (model) and Kaya (HMUA), and on a horse ranch in Canberra. Love all of the results…


Behind the scenes

Getting ready for the Bondi beach shooting…


Shooting in the Park

Last Saturday I did a shooting with Mariana Krusealle from Estonia. She wanted some natural-looking photos for her model portfolio. She did her makeup and I chose the locations. It was fun shooting with her! Here are some of the photos we took:


Studio Lighting Tutorial 

On March 7 I did a tutorial about studio lighting. And surprise, the model was Cristina, who I knew already from two other shootings 🙂 I learned how to set up one, two, and three light sources and how to produce low and high key pictures. Vincent also gave me tips about posing and working with the model. Here are some of the results:


Model Portfolio Shooting Workshop

On Feb 15 I took part in a model portfolio shooting workshop, organized by Dennie Cody and DK Khattiya. We learned how to take basic head shots and how to create creative photos for models’ portfolios. The shooting took place in an abandoned house at Wireless Road. The models, Cristina Sofia Tuscano and Kevin Stranart come from Belgium and plan to work as models in Bangkok. It was great shooting with them. One week later, Cristina and I took some more pictures in Lumpini park. Check out my sites ‘model portfolio shootings’ and ‘portraits’ for some of the results!


Fashion Photography Workshop with Mariah Jelena

Took part in a workshop with fashion photographer Mariah Jelena. It was planned to take place in an abandoned skyscraper in Bangkok, but we couldn’t enter the building and thus moved to a small street nearby. Mariah explained how to use natural light to produce great pictures in direct sunlight as well as backlit photos. We also practiced shooting walking models and beauty product photos. The two models, Momay and Alena did an amazing job. I had a very good time, learned a lot, and took home some great pictures. Check out my sites ‘model portfolio shootings’ and ‘portraits’ for some of the results!

Tutor: Mariah Jelena
Organization: Dennie Cody
Models: Momay and Alena
Make-up: Pat


Shooting of “Lady in red” 

Used the family vacation to take some cool photos of my sister. While we were shooting, a half-tame bird came by to have a look what we were doing. It could be convinced to stay for a while and even hopped on my sisters hand, which gave the pictures a really unique touch…

Have a look at the gallery for some making of pics and the results!

Thanks to my two great models 🙂


Copyright Leonie Roland 2016. All rights reserved. Alle Rechte vorbehalten.

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